Mainship 34 Trials and Tribulations

Our hope with this site is to try and help others who are confronted with the same issues we did. Most Mainship 34's have the same items that need attention so even if we didn't do the best job of addressing some of them perhaps the pictures will help give you some understanding of how to go about it in your way.

Brochures & Articles for the Original Models

Click the images to open them - these are cool! The boats, the clothes - the hats!

Types I, II & the 40'

Type I & Type II Review

Brochure for Type I

Owners Manual

Mainship Satisfaction Survey

Mainship Soundings Article

Mainship Type I "WP" Table

If you have ever struggled with having a table in your cockpit look no further! The "WP" table is the way to go. 

For more photo's of the table Click Here


Hors D'oeuvres

Out of the way!

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