The Mainship Sliding Door

The sliding door is right up there with fly bridge re coring and re powering when it comes to older Mainship rehabs.

As we converted everything over to this new site we combined some various projects and just made a section of "all things sliding door".

In the below photos we put a beam underneath, replaced the sill and replaced the two side pieces as they were rotted down low.

A really big part of this project was making the two side panels. For that we cut them out of plywood - dry fitted them about 300 times, then epoxied them, and then applied Awlgrip.

Recent sliding door rehab pictures Click Here

Older stuff below;

When we had the boat pulled apart for the repower and the fuel tank replacement, we did some work to shore up the sliding door. Basically we put a large pressure treated plank in. It helped for sure but about 10 years later we had to do some more work on it.

Older Sliding door pictures Click Here


I have been told that the below lock is NO longer available!

This is a bummer as it was a perfect fit - if we get any updated info we will post it. 

Sliding Door Lock

The lock on my slider was broken and I had no clue where to find a replacement for several years, until someone asked the question on the Mainship Yahoo chat group. Voila! A poster came back with the exact part and where to get it. I ordered it, installed it and fit perfect - it is an exact replacement.

Comes with inside piece, outside piece and the key.

part #; 



Part Ordering Information