Running gear pictures Click Here

For the running gear we changed it all. The old shaft was the correct size at 1.5", but it was bronze and Cummins said we had to go to stainless. Since we were replacing the shaft I couldn't decide where exactly to stop so we ended up;
Installing a new prop, mid bearing, changing the stuffing box to a dripless system, and replacing the cutlass bearing.
Heres the new prop;

In this picture you can see it was a 20 x 20 RH, and then at some point the pitch was changed to 19.
Its a little tough to see in the pictures but in the upper left hand corner of where the markings are is the date 1978. The 19 is greenish colored.

Heres the mid bearing waiting to be bolted in with the new shaft. I heard a rumor prior to installing this mid bearing they could be difficult to get on, and like most rumours this one was spot on. We had to do a lot of work polishing the shaft to get it on.

Heres the rudder hole that is used to get the old shaft out and the new one on. The old shaft got bent when we installed the new engine. When we were lowering the motor in, at some point it must have caught on the old shaft coupling. I left it in to give us a good guide as to where to place the engine. Well two snafu's arose from that. One, the shaft just would not come out so we had to cut it all up. Two, we installed the motor mounts to low because the shaft by then was bent downward unbeknownst to us at that moment.

Heres some contact info for the mechanic that did this portion of the job. I was a little leary of the shaft/engine alingment portion of this so I got some professional help.