This is our boat - "Seanair" which is the Gaelic word for Grandfather

Welcome to Our Site

Hello! If you have visited Mainship 34 before we hope we haven't made so many changes you cant find what you were looking for any more. 

A lot of what is here now are pictures - narrative for some of the older projects was difficult to port over but we hope to recreate as much as we can.

Brochures for the Original Models

Click the images to open them - these are cool! The boats, the clothes - the hats!

Types I, II & the 40'

Type I & Type II Review

Brochure for Type I

Superior Mooring Equipment



Rhode Island Marine Company

Mainship Type I "WP" Table

If you have ever struggled with having a table in your cockpit look no further! The "WP" table is the way to go. 

For more photo's of the table Click Here


Hors D'oeuvres

Out of the way!

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